Thursday, March 04, 2010

Lucky Pick!

I remember the first time I bought a lottery ticket... it was around 2003 when my one-year scholarship contract with Meralco Institute ended. Together with my friends,we tried our luck through the Lucky Pick. We did not win. Haha. So we applied for a different scholarship the next year.

Yeah, I'm getting nostalgic. But at the same time, I am feeling lucky. So I tried my luck again!

If it so happened that you're the first one to know the winning numbers, feel free to let me know if I win by posting a comment here. Haha. Thanks!


bryan said...

hahahaha.. this gives me an idea.. I tried this once before and did not win. And i haven't tried again ever since hehe

thanks for the idea.. sometimes, we forget simple things like these.. maybe i will try my luck again later haha

Liz said...

Right! Haha. Come on, minsan lang naman. Basta wag maadik. :) Ok lang sa magic maadik.

Di ako nanalo sa March 5 draw pero OK lang. ^_^

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