Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Bingo Bonanza!

When boredom strikes you, what do you usually do? Watching TV, reading magazine, and listening to the radio are nothing but traditional ways of killing time and relaxing yourselves. The birth of Internet had provided us lots of alternatives such as being busy with social networking, web chat with camera, online betting via casinos, multi-player games and more.

I am not into procrastination but every time I get lethargic, my laptop becomes my bestfriend. I am not into Facebook applications; instead, you can find me in online forums probably on the games and download discussion boards. I also love trying free stuff online especially joining the contests. Lady luck has been always kind to me so I always end up winning amazing prizes. Other games I would like to try are bingo, instant win games, slot machines, roulette and video poker. These games can keep my energy going at the comfort of my own room. Furthermore, I enjoy the thrill of collecting my winnings!

Just recently, I shared how I randomly picked a lottery ticket. Though I did not win the grand prize or any consolation, I am still happy because I was able to revive the old part of me – being carefree and risk taker. And oh, I just realized that I used to play the local bingo game at my hometown.


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