Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What happened?! What could have triggered XOOM to come up with this kind of decision? This means INCONVENIENCE to me! Well, my EON Cyber account is still there but Xoom seems to be the most practical mode of money transfer for me. Thanks to Sam for the consistent Xoom updates! Too bad... no more Paypal transfer via Xoom.


reyapot said...

yes sis.. this is sad.. i also use xoom for my blog earnings..

btw, thanks for visiting my blogs.. i hope to see u again..


Liz said...

:) I'm looking for March Promo code pa naman tas wala na pala. :(

Anonymous said...

i surely love all your writing kind, very helpful,
don't give up and also keep creating considering it just well worth to follow it.
looking forward to look over alot more of your current web content, have a great day ;)

Sam said...

oo nga sis.. sayang nga. oh well. back to the old ways! haha! :)

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