Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dress To Kill!

Are you dressing to express, or dressing to impress? I am guilty of the latter but mind you, I always get desirable result. I haven’t mastered the art of seduction yet but I am glad to be complimented for what I am wearing or what I am doing.

Let’s not talk about getting flirty or what not. Instead, let us focus on comfortable outfit this summer. Great! Floral dresses are getting sexier than ever. Therefore, the seductive looks are not always achieved with provocative swimsuits but also through delicate and stylish dresses. And what make them more fabulous are the different ruffles, belts, laces and chiffon. Your accessories can easily blend with classic and fresh designs. It's really nice to mix and match!

Our summer outing will be on April 17 – 18 at Island Cove, Cavite. But I am afraid that I might not make it due to conflicting schedule with Rise of the Eldrazi’s Pre-Release. Too bad, I can’t flaunt my white-lace layered dress.


analou said...

very beautiful dress. Kaso I am not blessed of having a beautiful and flawless legs. That dress would be perfect because I like the style....How I wish...

Connie said...

oooh, lovely dress! i wonder if they have a maternity version of that.

re: island cove
sayang, it's a good place to visit during summertime. been there twice (i'm from cavite). i enjoyed eating in this restau near island cove's fishing area.

Liz said...

@ Analou
Ehe. As for me I'm petite and don't have long legs. But I'm used to wearing dresses and almost anything so whatever. LOL.

@ Connie
Really? Sad, I won't make it next week. Huhu. :(

yuuki said...

Oh, we used to frequent Island Cove when I was still working in Cavite.

You'll be missing alot! Sayang naman!

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