Monday, March 22, 2010

SEO-Clueless... SOS!

Search engine optimization! What? I'm just a simple blogger who's after the content, backlinks and traffic. As long as I can post and I have readers who leave comments, I am happy. That's all. Furthermore, this is just a personal blog and not created to promote any business. Do I still need to have knowledge about SEO?

I don't care at all until I stumbled upon WooRank. It provides me the following information that bothers concerns me a lot. Well, in a sense that it makes me curious on how I can improve my ranking. Also, the analysis is too technical for me to grasp. Who can simplify this matter for me?

Those who would like to help me with this can view the detailed report here...


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Alex said...

Hey, Will what you want to know exactly about the report?

I can see one thing that you aren't doing, you don't have any meta tags, google likes meta tags :) Meta tags are useful as you put the most relevent keywords and google picks up on it.

Will let me know what you need,

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