Sunday, March 14, 2010

For me this is not a bad news because I only have few ECs since I always spend them as soon as I earn enough from EC dropping. Have you heard about Entrecard capping all accounts at 100K credit starting March 31, 2010? Yes, it's true. I got this important notice via email two days ago.

All accounts with with less than 100,000 EC will not be affected. This is to encouraged the lucky ones to be active in the EC market again by utilizing their credits in advertising and purchasing items or services. The said 100K EC capping covers the total credits of your linked blogs.

Share your riches. Give away some ECs or spend them all the way!

By the way, I have updated my TOP EC Droppers widget on the left side bar. Though it dramatically drops to an average of 10.5 drops for the top 10, I am still thankful to my random visitors and loyal readers.


joei said...

hi lizzie,

thanks for dropping by my site and leaving a message on my tag-board.

hope you can visit again soon :) take care!


Lizzie said...

Heya, sure. I love your site. :)

Anonymous said...

Glad to greet you, ladies and gentlemen!

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bambie said...

hi liz!

kya pla ang dami nagsponsor ulit ng EC credits. hihihi!

anyways, your links are included in my sponsors list. kya lng since points system yun contest, i divided the sponsors into batches pra pang dagdag ng points ng participants.

thanks again!

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