Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Home Sweet Home...

I’m so excited to start blogging about my personal life again. I have nothing to brag about right now, just want to share some of my plans.

Good news! My sister will be graduating from college this April 9, 2010. I have already sent my vacation leave request and I am hoping that it will be favorably considered. That would mean I have to spend four days at Batangas. Time for “home sweet home”!

I really love to experience the simplicity of life in the province. But what I am more thrilled about is the thought of me and my sister planning about the renovation of our house. Few more steps and our dream house will come true! I have the floor plan with me and I have contacted few architects already. I have attended the PAG-IBIG seminar as well.

So, what’s the vivid description of my soon to be sweetest home? A house with wonderfully landscaped hedges, exquisite terrace by the rooftop, relaxing quaint bar, superb living room with glass doors, deluxe apple green bed, splendid shower room with designer radiators, delightful dining room and kitchen, magnificent library, amazing fountain, and romantic lights in the garden. Whew. Such a grand dream!

Yeah... literally "dreams". Well, it’s my right anyway. And whether it turns out to be less captivating as the one above, I will still be happy about it. I want a lovely home, not a luxurious mansion.


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