Wednesday, March 10, 2010

oDesk Keeps Me Busy!

How's your weekend everyone? So far, so good? Hope you are having a great time!

As for me, I'm so busy working for my online clients through oDesk. I'm really saving up for my Kuala Lumpur trip. Haha.

Now, let's get back to business. If you want steady online income, sign up with oDesk and start earning right away. No bogus. Get started now and check out my tips and tricks!


melandria said...

his liz, that's very good for you. Oh, just want to inform you that until now, i have not receive any news from Alex of customized items, i don't know what happen to him or to his pledges to you. Well, maybe you can contact him for me to ask what really happened. thanks much.

Spread the Word said...

Hi Ria,

I have contacted him already and still awaiting for response. Sorry if it is taking longer than expected. Let's be positive! Grabbed your contest badge by the way! Thanks!

Sassy-Pink.Com said...

pano mag join jan sis? sign an
account as an? d ko lm san dun e :)

Liz said...

Sign Up as a provider sis. :)

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