Thursday, January 07, 2010

Just received my December payment a while ago:

I'm back to Adgitize and this would be my initial earning since my return. From $24 to $14 per month, advertising is made even more affordable.

I am encouraging all publishers and advertisers to join the Adgitize Network and get the real worth of your money! Cash and traffic can be all yours!


yuuki said...

congrats liz!

i couldn't agree with you more...i started advertising with Adgitize dec23, and I can see the results already!

btw, is the payment automatic at the end of the month or you need to request for it?

cornyman said...

why so less, when did you start advertising in December?

Liz said...

Hi Sis, Adgitize payment is automatic as long as you meet the $10 min payout. Goodluck. Happy advertising! ^_^

@ Cornyman
Dec 23. I think it's just right because I waited for the price rollback. LOL. I'm happy as long as its more than my advertising fee.

Jeck said...

Maybe I should give this a try. Thanks sis.

cornyman said...


Since yesterday only the earnings look like this (weekdays, weekends slightly higher):

390 points 45 cents
450 points 52 cents

45,2 cents needed daily to get 14$ at the end of the month :)

vivapinay said...

I dont know whats wrong but I am not earning anything from Adgitize.. what are the tips? anyone?

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