Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The beauty of Pinay Mom is something to be proud of, much more if it is complimented by a smart brain. PinayMom is a blog of a mother who is willing to share and at the same time learn from other mothers as well about parenting and family. But as I have scanned through the pages and through her archives, the information you can find here is not limited to home and parenting but also practical ways to cope up with life.

It tackles a wide range of topics for mature audience. She simplifies everything that you are worried about, say a family vacation, adding romance to marriage, losing weight, and more. She always has a good topic at hand and for every catchy title she got, there is a very brief and concise content.

The tips and tricks she shares on her blog are really useful. If you want to save money when shopping, you can find the solution there! A single minute won't be wasted (ever) as you browse through her well-thought of articles. I like the way she expresses her opinions on sensitive topics such as kids and politics, mixed marriages, money matters and the like. She has great interest in health, lifestyle, events and shows, children, and marriage.

Every Pinay Mom is truly a hero! Celebrate with her and share your thoughts by posting a comment!


Anonymous said...

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Margot : PinayMom said...

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I love it!

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