Thursday, January 07, 2010

The Drama Queen

This Drama Queen is obviously addicted to Asian Dramas. She's not over-emoting but her brand new layout speaks for her. For the last few months up to this point, I am updated with her latest KDrama addiction more specifically with You're Beautiful. Yuuki slept late at night just to have a handful of episodes. She will bade you her online goodbye then will suddenly bombard you with YM messages saying that she's going gaga over *insert Asian Drama here* LOL!

What's good about her addiction is that she shares her feedback and opinions. She even embedded Youtube videos on her posts and series of screenshots of her favorite scenes. She's kind enough to post a brief overview and casts description for every KDrama she's currently into.

There's something we have to look forward about her blog this 2010:
Drama Club – everything about upcoming or all-time favorite drama
Featured Artist – facts about the hottest Asian celebrity
OST Pick – fall in love with the sound track over and over again
Sticky Note – random news on Asian entertainment scene
When it comes to KDrama reviews, let's trust the Drama Queen!


yuuki said...

glad to share my asian drama craze...

Liz said...

And I super love the layout. ^_^

yuuki said...

thanks to ritz!

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