Sunday, January 10, 2010

Fashion and Beauty Craze provides information about fashion and beauty regimen. At first I thought I'm still browsing Learn and Earn Online, but I'm not. San san owns this blog as well but this is entirely of a different niche.

This is all about the latest fashion and beauty craze plus other online contests. The most recent posts are about Whooga Ugg Boots and heeled shoes. There are also encouraging entries about wearing comfty shirts over blouses. She has a good taste of her own and her preference is amazingly unique.

Another good thing about this blog is the bazaar updates. So, if you are really after fashion good deals and other excellent goodies, visit FBC and find the best ones for you. Louis Vuitton bag was once featured here because of its beauty and elegance. Despite its simplicity, this blog can also be a shoppaholic's guide.


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