Thursday, January 07, 2010

It's Yuuki again!
Oh no, it's not.
Trust me, it's about her!

Yuuki says, "It's not always about me, but most of the time it is..." Nice quote. She's so upbeat and unique and that makes a blogger more interesting to deal with. Her life in Dubai makes me envy her. I wish I can travel around the world, too. I wish I can drive a car and buy tons of book. But this is not about me. It's all about Yuuki. I am happy for her and I'm glad I've known her through TalkPH.

Yuuki is a creative girl in her own. The recent Kris Kringle Promo drives more visitors to her blog. This introduced new readers to her exciting life and reliable posts. This online journal does not only revolves around Yuuki's life. She also discusses random stuff that fascinates me. Take for example, the importance of a grocery list. And there's something more to be proud of - Yuuki's blog is now PR3! Why not? She's publishing good content and so dedicated with bloghopping and I believe she can also share you more of her secrets behind this.

Get to know Yuuki and find out why Forever Young is her favorite movie! Can you be her Mel Gibson?


yuuki said...

Wow, thanks lizzy! I'm sure glad i met u too!

btw, I already have my Mel Gibson! ;)

onlinemommy said...

Will try to visit her site on of these days :) She seems interesting :)

Btw Liz, I would appreciate if you can contact Mel of My Journey to Life to get her badge's code :) She is the 1st prize winner of my just recently ended Thanksgiving Contest. Thanks in advance and blessings to you :)

Sam said...

i agree with u 100%. am glad to have met yuuki too. :)

Liz said...

@ Yuuki
LOL. Sorry if I sound like advertising you to all the guys out there. Haha. You've got one lucky Mel Gibson out there! ^_^

Sure sis, i'll display her 12xX125 ad here. ^_^

@ Sam
Yup, girls rock! Hehe.

melandria said...

Hi sis, you can use my badge link displayed in my site

many thanks.

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