Monday, January 11, 2010

A Woman Remembers...

A Woman Remembers is one of the inspiring blogs I came across with. Even though I don't know Czaroma personally, I can say that she has a positive and caring attitude. She has a different way of viewing life and the best post I found on her blog is A Woman Remembers 100 Moments of 2009. This is impressing for me because it gives me a glimpse of her life. And yes, I can't help it but admire this woman.

With all the accomplishments and achievements briefly enumerated, she is obviously remembering everything about her life. Not only that, it is a proof of her uniqueness and excellence as a woman! Besides, it only tells me one thing. She values everything in her life plus it highlights her bright outlook in life. Most people will post a "Goodbye 2009" in a lonely tone as a year-ender but her approach is truly commendable. She commemorates all the positive things that had happened so as to welcome 2010 cheerfully.

I don't mean to focus on a single blog entry but this post really caught my attention and it really speaks for her true character. I am happy to meet her (online) and it makes me even proud to be a woman!

"The life and love of a woman. Her journey as she lives a life in sweetness and serenity. Her thoughts and feelings reflecting her everyday experiences, her views, her passion, life events and everything else."


czaroma said...

Hi Liz, I appreciate every single word you've written here! Thanks so much for featuring my blog. I am also glad getting to meet you and knowing about your blog.

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