Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Momma Wannabe

Tag along with Momma Wannabe in her journey to motherhood. And here's the coolest bonus - visit her now for a chance to win in the Christmas Memory Contest! How about $50 cash for writing your fondest Christmas Memory? This contest will end on January 30, 2010 and winners will be announced on February 3, 2010 so you've got plenty of time to pour your creative juices into it.

First off, I have to agree with Jade that PMS is not a myth. So true! I felt the same thing, too and to keep the harmonious relationship with my boyfriend and other people around me, I simply set their expectations. It feels so different when you're hyper during the first few minutes and sooo down during the next. P.M.S. stands for pre-menstrual syndrome but there is more than just a period! Find out more funny acronyms on her blog and show it to your hubby or boyfriend.

Celebrate your uniqueness as a woman as you relate to her girly posts and interesting fantasies. Have fun!


My Memories and Crystals said...

wow, talaga? Parang iba naman ang contest na ito... Sige I will try to join.

Liz said...

Yeah. Plus, you can enjoy reading her other posts. Goodluck. Btw, nasend mo na ECs di ba?Bale tig 1000ea ba yun or 2000 ea?

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