Saturday, January 23, 2010

Ssshhhh.... let me spill the beans...

Yup! It's my birthday today so BHO's first contest is officially closed!

Here are the 25 not so Random Things About Me!

01. I don't eat BEEF.

02. I'm not afraid of cockroaches.

03. I laugh a lot. Yes, I'm such a kiddo.

04. Rocky Road Sundae is my comfort food.

05. My personal legend is to become a Starbuck's barista.

06. I love playing magic cards than any other computer games.

07. I kissed but didn't tell.

08. My favorite song is "25 Minutes" by MLTR (Coincidence, 25?)

09. I love pink and green.

10. Doing the laundry is my most hated household chore.

11. I munch too much chips but I don't gain weight.

12. I love humming the nursery rhymes.

13. I talk even on my sleep.

14. I am a big fan of Gary V!

15. I'd love to go to Japan!

16. I love boy bands! Brownman Revival WAS my favorite local band.

17. I easily get tired of walking, I always go for the ride.

18. I miss showering under the rain, barefooted!

19. I'm not so me during my period, on my EXTREMES instead!

20. I prefer drinking over smoking.

21. I am a good typist. :)

22. I am addicted to finger foods and other streetfoods.

23. I am afraid of worms and all creeping insects.

24. I am such a cry-baby.

25. I love pets, gashapon and stuffed toys.

Amazed? Impressed? Or turned off? Haha. By the way, my MckLinky is here so feel free to add your links. Posting your birthday wishes and/or greetings for me is a must. LOL. So do COMMENT before posting your link. Then I'll visit you back. Thanks!


melandria said...

Happy Birthday to you Liz, may you have many more birthday's to come and wishing you all the best in life. take care always.

levy said...

Happy Birthday dear Liezel. We have so many things in common, but I rather enumerate it too (gaya, gaya! bwahaha) on my birthday on the end of the month. Goodluck sa mananalo sa pa contest natin (kahit di ako active huhuhu!)

Again, in behalf of my family, we want to greet you a HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! God Bless!!! mwaaa..

Liz said...

Thanks mel and levy. Haha. Go go... I'd love to see the things we have in common. Haha. Aabangan ko yan sis Levy.)

mary narvasa said...

Hello ate Liz! Happy bday. :) I hope you will continue to give very interesting articles.

I am a big fan of you.

Good luck to all contest participants. :)

BastiSimonandSam said...

happy birthday, liz! thanks for your fun cool and informative site. may you be showered with more and more blessings!

momgen said...

Happy birthday just passing by and see who won the contest...Hope you have many more birthdays to come and hope all your dreams come true..See you.

fedhz said...

Happy Birthday Lizzy! Otanjoubi Omedetto! ako din gusto ko punta Japan. lakas din ako tumawa at crybaby din. magkasundo kaya tayo?

parang lahat yata ng dinescribe mo, except for drinking eh parang ako din. ^^

fedhz said...

ay, teka. I don't play Magic Cards pala. LOL.

Liz said...

Thanks sa lahat!

@ Fedhz
Haha. Siguro magkakasundo tayo. LOL. Daming commons eh. :)

Yung other blog reviews/promotions nakapila pa. :) Scheduled posts. ^_^

Vernz said...

Hi Liz, Happy Birthday to you .... God Bless you and more dollars to come ... hahaha! Muah!

Liz said...

^Thanks. Same to you - more dollars to come!

Sam said...


I wish you good health, happiness and prosperity not only for this year but for the many years to come.

Take care always sis!

*hugs and kisses*

Sherry said...

happy birthday :)

Liz said...

Yay. Thanks a lot! :)

levy said...

hey Liz, I already made the list of random things about me (It's my b-day remember!) hehehe.

Check it out here:

One more thing, if you have time please leave a comment on my real leaf paparazzi entry here:

thank you so much!

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