Thursday, January 14, 2010

After reading the latest blog post at Adgitize I decided to check my AdgiScore and Traffic Ratings. With this enhanced feature, I believe it would be easier to track your website's daily traffic.

Other Blogs within the Bloguardian Hellsite: OverCashed Family
Spread the W. O. R. D! Traffic Rating: 1467 AdgiScore: 613

Pinkville Traffic Rating: 1728 AdgiScore: 545

Bloguardian Hellsite: OverCashed Traffic Rating: 252 AdgiScore: 59

The lower the numbers, the better.

Traffic Rating - Adgitize ranking of all active publishers by the amount of traffic (page views) they receive. The goal is to give information on how much traffic a blog receives.

AdgiScore - a measurement of how active a publisher is. The score is derived from the amount of traffic a blog receives, how active they are at clicking Adgitize Member Ads and how often they write new articles to their blog.

For me those details are reliable because it is synchronized with my Page Rank. Bloguardian Hellsite is PR3, Spread the Word is PR1, and Pinkville is PR0.

Visit AdgiScore Page to check your blog data.


yuuki said...

wow, so that means ur on 59th place among thousands of adgitizers! congrats!

fedhz said...

congrats! ako din pala post ko to. hihi. inggit. ^^

Liz said...

Correct mga sis. Tas lagay nyo yung referral links nyo para maengganyo yung iba. Hihi!

Chris said...

thanks for the info..

My Memories and Crystals said...

congrats, dami ka nang traffic grabe, so nice...

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