Friday, January 22, 2010

Getting To Know Fedhz

Why Home Buddies? Because this is not all about Fedhz, but her and the other body buddy - Mike! So guys, keep blogging to keep the flame err connection alive. *cheesy*

This blog is primarily intended for different reviews of Fedhz' online and offline revenue gigs but it also includes her personal escapades. Other than that, you may find posts about her outlook in life, interests, struggles, deep thoughts and more.

The first common thing that I've noticed about Fedhz is our OC-ness when it comes to the spelling of our names/nicknames. Haha. Sorry if I mispelled it as fehdz on my sister's tag. One word to describe her - STRAIGHTFORWARD. I also like the way she deal with other people around the blogosphere. Good job for living by the "Blogging Etiquettes". I've learned more about her by reading "A Published Draft" which serves as her digital autobiography. (I wonder how to employ that embedded object - pageflip... Haha.)

Of course my favorite section on her blog is the "money talks" a.k.a. online earnings. You may check the side bars for her recent earning reports!


teJan said...

heheh..halu dear, just want you to know i stop by here;) have a nice day!

engr.kemm.coe said...

hey!!!i miss this green blog..hehehe

fedhz said...

Thanks, lizzy. ^^

marami pa kong oc-ness lalu na sa pagsampay at sa kusina. hihihi

My Memories and Crystals said...

just stopping by here sis, blessings!

Liz said...

@ Janet
Thanks for the visit!

Onga, tagal mong di dumaan. :)

@ Fedhz
Mukha nga. Haha. Okay lang yan, babae ka naman. LOL!

@ Princess Sarah
Visit kita later. ^_^

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