Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Health And Beauty Diva

Achieve ageless beauty with Health And Beauty Diva! Now, being fit and healthy is within your reach. Take it from the Health Diva:

"I am not a health buff but a simple rule I have for myself is that I make sure I have 5 different types of fruit and vegetable a day. I drink lots of liquids like water and fruit juice to avoid getting sick."

Other than that simple health regimen, she also shares beauty tips and tutorials. You can learn how to apply make up properly and have the Barbie Look by referring to the make up tutorial.

I find this niche blog informative because it reveals the secrets behind anti aging, discusses the connection between sleep and beauty in full details, shares her thoughts about the underlying causes of drug addiction and advises on looking good and saving more in just few dollars! Find out more by reading older entries.


elaiza said...

Fruits and fluids really add up to one's beauty..

OT: I have a new blog.. Hope we can be friends and comment exchange.. Can you add me in your blog list and can you be my follower? I'll add you up, hope you can check out my site..


Liz said...

Yes, you're right! ^_^

Thanks for the visit and for following this blog. Stay tuned and hopefully you can join my contest. :)

Happy Blogging!

My Memories and Crystals said...

totoo nga, fruits, fluids and vegies are really good source to make you healthy with beauty, mwhaaah!
Blessings to you Liz. I will try to post your contest in my other blog. Pwede pa ba?

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