Thursday, January 21, 2010

Wow! Such a timely giveaway! I'm having this girl thing right now. Haha.

When faced with life’s choices, you stick to your guns. Nobody tells you what you
can’t do, or what you can’t have. You’re in the driver’s seat and you’re not going to apologize for your choices.

You may go this way or that. Or have it both ways, just because you’re you. It’s not fence-sitting if you get exactly what you want. One thing is for sure, you will settle for no less than perfect.

You are a Kotex Luxe woman, and you never compromise.

Kotex Luxe is the first ultrathin pad that gives you BREAKTHROUGH FUSION TECHNOLOGY combining dryness and softness with just 1 pad. No more compromises!

Grab free Kotex packs from Beautynomics! Just join the giveaway for a chance of winning. Click here for full details.


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